The Liberatory Living 4-Week Group Coaching program was designed for parents who have committed to conscious parenting, but still need some support "walking the talk" on a daily basis.

Over the course of the four weeks we'll be working together to decolonize our parenting and co-create relationships that center joy, love, and liberation!

What We'll Be Covering:

  • Introduction to Liberatory Living: We'll kick off the program spending some time getting to know each other and laying the foundation for the weeks to come. We'll discuss what "liberatory living" means as we work to unpack how the myth of white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy negatively impact how we show up as parents.
  • Unpacking Our Bags: During week 2 we will work to identify how our personal traumas are related to our individual parenting triggers, and we will begin healing these traumas in order to respond to our triggers in a less harmful way.
  • From Control to Collaboration: The focus of this week is on dismantling oppressive systems in our homes and in our communities. We will explore strategies that will help us interact with our young people using connection and collaboration instead of control and coercion.
  • Autonomy, Agency, and Advocacy: In our last week together we will explore the concept of confident autonomy and identify ways that we can support our young people in advocating for themselves and for others.

When We'll Be Meeting:

  • Week 1: Monday, Nov 14th from 7pm-8:30pm ET
  • Week 2: Monday, Nov 21st from 7pm-8:30pm ET
  • Week 3: Monday, Nov 28th from 7pm-8:30pm ET
  • Week 4: Monday, Dec 5th from 7pm-8:30pm ET